Chris is a lifelong resident of Jefferson County. He first learned to play the guitar at the age of 13, but now plays drums, bass, and mandolin among other instruments. He is a licensed pilot, unashamed UT sports fan, golfer, and a veteran of nine years with the Air Force & Air National Guard.  Chris is graduate of both Carson-Newman and the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has been on staff at Providence since September 2011 and lives just off CNU’s campus with his wife Kristen.

  • What is your favorite book of the Bible and why?
    OT – Daniel. There’s so many amazing stories in this one book. Big picture. Little picture. There’s so much going on, all in God’s sovereign plan.
    NT – The Gospel of John. I love how personal it is. The Apostle John was in the inner circle, and was probably one of Jesus’s best friends. The detail in John’s Gospel is unparalleled with its insight into the inner workings of Christ’s ministry.
  • What is something unique about your life experience?
    I’ve been able to travel all over the world with the military, and have been to places and done things that most people will never get to experience. I’ve also caddied at a professional level and have a habit of buying instruments I don’t need.
  • If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?
    I have been to some great places in the world (and some not so nice places), but very high on my bucket list is the American Cemetery and Memorial at Normandy in France. Cairo and Rome are also up there on my list. 

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