Core Values


The mission of Providence church is:

To glorify God by making, growing, and unleashing disciples of Christ

Our mission is the heartbeat of our church. Everything we do is filtered through this mission. From it, we have identified some core values that help define who we are as a church.


  • The Absolute Authority of the Bible – God has spoken, and his communication to us is reliably recorded in his word, the Bible. We think what God says deserves to be heard and obeyed. It is the authority in the life of the church and its members.
  • Engaging the Culture – We think the church should imitate Jesus by speaking and living in a culturally relevant way. Our Sunday Gatherings and communication style at Providence are designed to make sense to the wider culture.
  • Intentional Discipleship – We are committed to making disciples as the primary purpose of the church. This happens at every level of our church structure, both within Providence and our ministry outside the church.
  • Strategic Service – We want to unleash people to serve God according to their gifts. Ministry is the task of the whole church, and Providence is full of opportunities to serve. Every member is expected to use their gifts for the glory of God, whether it’s inside or outside the church.
  • Authentic Living – At Providence, we don’t pretend to be something we’re not. We know we are imperfect people that are seeking to become more like Christ. Authenticity is important to us.
  • Perpetual Improvement – We want to make every effort to do all things with excellence. Improving our structure, strategies, and execution is an ongoing task involving the whole church. Change is a constant reality at Providence