We all bring a story. Some of us are Jefferson City natives while others have lived across the country. Our gatherings are filled with farmers, business professionals, homemakers, and students. Different life stages are represented in our congregation, but here we unite as one people despite our age, history, race, or spiritual background. We take hold of one truth that unites us all – that Jesus Christ died for our sins and rose from the dead, and now makes all things new.

At Providence Jeff City, we are a body of imperfect people. We believe in taking off the mask that hinders us from growing closer to God and to each other. We exist to glorify God, tell others about Jesus, and encourage one another as we walk this journey together.

Come join us as we provide a place where you can bring your questions, find true family, and be encouraged as we seek to understand the Word of God together and why His word is relevant to daily life.

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